Passion + Purpose = Impact Podcast Interview with Virginia Muzquiz

Are you shooting yourself in the foot by prioritizing the incentives from your direct sales company rather than putting your BUSINESS first? In this conversation with Virginia Muzquiz (The Referral Diva), we talk about the pitfalls of direct sales when representatives don’t prioritize their business and in fact make the incentives that they can earn first. The incentives should be the icing on your business cake!


Click the cake to go listen to our conversation:

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Nice Guys on Business Podcast Interview with Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner

Again, I cannot stress how much I LOVE interviewing with Doug Sandler. Wanna know why? It’s not an interview. It’s a conversation that ends up having business value for the listener.

While I didn’t get to actually talk with Strickland Bonner, he and Doug did have a little fun with a mini episode of “Fuckery” before my interview played. If you don’t want to laugh, then skip the first 14 minutes.

P.S. I do listen to the Nice Guys on Business podcast regularly, and I HIGHLY recommend that you subscribe and listen as well. Go find them on iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher or your podcast player of choice and subscribe. Thank me later.

551: Tackling Your Business Progress, Directly

Biz Wiz Podcast Interview with Doug Sandler

I love, Love, LOVE doing podcasts with Doug Sandler. He’s a true wiz in the business world and a phenomenal podcast host. This conversation that he and I had was so much fun and we covered a TON of information. Heck, there was so much, I referred to the show notes from the podcast to try and remember it all. So here’s a recap of what we talked about:

Questions you’ll hear on the podcast today

  1. Why does selling suck?
  2. How can I develop rapport and relationship with customers?
  3. How do I make my customers RAVING fans?
  4. Part of my business is to recruit sales team members, how do I get team members who will work?
  5. What are the traditional business practices that I’m not implementing in my direct sales business?

Click the link below to listen to the whole interview and get the answers to those questions.