Your Thoughts Around Motivation Are ALL WRONG

This way to Motivation!

The most common complaint that I hear from clients is that they didn’t get anything done because they didn’t feel motivated. They believe that in order to get something done, they need to be motivated or inspired to complete that action.

Well…. I call bullshit on that.

You don’t need to be motivated to get something done. You don’t need motivation to get anything done. What you do need is a short list of three to five actions that you want to get accomplished. Pick one thing. Then DO IT.

Once you do that one thing, you cross it off. You feel accomplished! Now pick the next thing. Then DO IT.

Holy crap! You feel even more accomplished now; you’ve done TWO things on your list! Cross the second one off.

Pick the next thing you want to do. Then DO IT. It’s a little easier now, isn’t it?

Now, I know that you are screaming at your screen right now, “Jennie! It’s not that easy! I feel that I need to be motivated.”

Newsflash…. no you don’t.


Do yourself a favor and try this method for a week. 7 days. You’ll cross 35 things off in 7 days. How does it feel to think about halving your master To Do list in the next 7 days? Feeling like going and doing one thing now, aren’t you?

Hey, what can I say except, “You’re welcome!”?