3 Horrible Habits Direct Sales Professionals Develop That Keep Them Frustrated, Confused and Inhibiting the Explosive Growth They Desire

Whether you have just started your direct sales business, or have been doing it for a while, there are three horrible habits that even the most successful direct sales professionals have developed that are keeping them from growing and building the way they could be and should be. I do not want you to beat yourself up over them, and you can definitely come back and be successful after changing them. The key is to learn what they are and put thoughts, language and behaviors into place to keep from making these mistakes again. When you grow past them, you are less likely to make them.

1 Minimalist Money Mindset

This shows up when a direct sales representative says, “This is my FUN job!” I understand why many might say this; they are likely trying to make their business look easy, fun and duplicable. Let me put it to you like this: how would you feel if your doctor walked in the exam room and during your appointment said,” This is my fun job!” You would wonder if she was the professional expert that you believed her to be. Or a tattoo artist who mentions they are doing this on the side. Wouldn’t you want a professional? The expert?

2 Family and Friends Trap

The fastest way to run yourself out of business is to ignore or avoid the most effective way to create a funnel of new customers. Real wealth in direct sales comes from meeting new people every week, not from hounding the same 15 friends and family to buy this, host this party, join my team. Traditional business owners network to meet new people. Many ways to network exist, and not all of them are effective nor are they all the best use of your time

3 The Flexibility Faux Pas

Do not get me wrong, the direct sales opportunity is a fantastic, flexible business that works for many people. The habit that representatives get into is that they do not prioritize their business and they flex themselves right out of business. I often hear, “I joined this company so I could be there for my child’s sports/dance events and make money.” The key to success is finding the balance of prioritization between being there for those events and making sure that time is being set aside to work on growing the business. If someone is not making money on their business, they will give up.


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