Jay Burgmann

Before working with Jennie Bellinger at Level Up Coaching, LLC, I was struggling with my sales process. Sales were harder than I thought they would be and I didn’t have a unified approach to handle my sales appointments. As I started looking for a solution, I was concerned that the assessment would take too long. Jennie assured me that the assessment was easy and would be done in 30-40 minutes and the results would help my business to grow. As a result of working with Jennie, I now have clarity in how I need to model my sales approach, I have a better understanding of the entire sales process and I know where I am strong in certain areas and areas where I am weak and have room for improvement. While taking the assessment was beneficial, it was the one hour results consult meeting where Jennie pinpointed the specifics of what I need to focus on. She took it from knowledge gaining to an actionable plan for improvement.