Free DISC Assessment

So you want to know more about you … Great! You are in the RIGHT place. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. When you take the assessment, you will receive a 20 page report with a basic overview of the results from the DISC, Values and Attributes assessments.
  2. Book your consultation with me to get an in depth and personalized review of the results and what they mean to YOU and your business moving forward. Book your session here.
  3. Finally, click this button to take the free assessment. (It takes about 30 minutes... trust your gut, answer on instinct)

What you will discover:

  • your exact personality type on the DISC profile
  • your subconscious values that have been supporting AND sabotaging you and your success
  • how you receive and perceive information coming in to you from the outside world
  • the simple shifts that you can make to increase your motivation naturally
  • how to stay focused on what REALLY matters to you
  • and much more!

Jennie Bellinger is a Certified Professional Coach and the host of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast. An entrepreneur since 2010, she understands the desire to contribute to your family’s future and be present with them in the here and now, and how difficult balancing those two priorities can be. So Jennie has learned the hard way (while building two separate businesses, raising two kids, and navigating a divorce) to fulfill that need to contribute and be there for her children.

Jennie Bellinger