Jay Burgmann

Before working with Jennie Bellinger at Level Up Coaching, LLC, I was struggling with my sales process. Sales were harder than I thought they would be and I didn’t have a unified approach to handle my sales appointments. As I started looking for a solution, I was concerned that the assessment would take too long. Jennie assured me that the assessment was easy and would be done in 30-40 minutes and the results would help my business to grow. As a result of working with Jennie, I now have clarity in how I need to model my sales approach, I have a better understanding of the entire sales process and I know where I am strong in certain areas and areas where I am weak and have room for improvement. While taking the assessment was beneficial, it was the one hour results consult meeting where Jennie pinpointed the specifics of what I need to focus on. She took it from knowledge gaining to an actionable plan for improvement.

Sue T

I was fortunate to attend one of Jennie’s group coaching events. Her presentation was very well organized and well presented, with a lot of passion. She really cares about others and wants them to succeed. Even more than what she said was what she did. She made sure to talk to everyone in the room before her presentation and really listened – she really wanted to know the specific concerns of everyone in the room so she could address them during her talk.

My confidence is way up and I’m finding it easier to stay focused on my goals. It was definitely worth both the time and the money and I’m really looking forward to learning more from her.

Jamie Petty

I love the coaching process that Jennie has created. It helps me, as an entrepreneur, to stay focused and moving forward. She has also helped me in goal setting, time prioritization, perception of growth, and other areas in my business and personal life which always seem to overlap. I feel more accomplished and focused for having done these coaching sessions, and consider it a valuable investment in myself as a business owner.